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Sponsor Sitka

Sponsor Sitka

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Sitka- Sitka is an Alaskan/British Columbian subspecies of red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis alascensis) from Yakutat, Alaska. He spent a brief time living in Sitka, Alaska before moving to the Haines.  Alaskan red-tailed hawks are known for their rusty red chest and darker coloration. While Sitka’s age is unknown, he’s been living at the ABEF since 2010. His favorite activities include taking walks and watching songbirds from his window. He also enjoys stretching his wings in the sun and taking baths. His favorite foods are quail and rabbit- you can help us make sure he has plenty of these by sponsoring Sitka.

Sitka’s sponsor’s are: Janet Dickerson

By sponsoring Sitka, you are helping to provide her with food, as well as any aviary maintenance or cleaning supplies for one year. Thank you for your support!