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Hans-Hans is a species of owl known as the Eurasian eagle owl (Bubo bubo). Eurasian eagle owls are not native to North America, but they look very similar to their North American cousin, the great horned owl (Bubo virginianus). Their name (eagle owl) refers to their large size; some females weigh up to nine pounds! Originally from Oregon, Hans has spent the majority of his life at the ABEF as an ambassador. Hans enjoys ripping up cardboard boxes, meeting new people and demonstrating owl flight for guests. Hans’ favorite foods are rabbit and quail.

Hans’ sponsors are: Natalie Jobbins, Emily Groves, Butterball Rodents, Tonye Mckinney

Hans is our ambassador Eurasian Eagle Owl. By sponsoring Hans, you are helping to pay for needed items such as food, cleaning products, aviary maintenance and educational programs.